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 Tibia 8.70 --> Bot NG/ Elf Bot / Auto Map / Tibia MC / Auto

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MensagemAssunto: Tibia 8.70 --> Bot NG/ Elf Bot / Auto Map / Tibia MC / Auto    Sex Dez 17, 2010 8:22 pm

Tibia 8.70 --> Bot NG/ Elf Bot / Auto Map / Tibia MC / Auto Cracker NG / Ip Changer

Tibia Auto 8.70 FREE! Tibia 8.70 Tools ( You Mast See This ) The Best Bots For Free !
Download - ->


-> Runemaker
-> Spell caster
-> Auto go/log
-> Auto fish
-> Auto Responder
-> Auto Login
-> Food eater
-> Anti-Logout
-> Cave Bot
-> Auto UH
-> Auto Aim
-> Fluid Drinker
-> Ammo Restack
-> Auto Looter
-> Char info
-> Trade Monitor
-> Creature info
-> Map Hack
-> Light

Tibia Auto

Tibia Auto 8.70 Download :



Tibia Multi Client 8.70 !

Download - ->

Tibia MC 8.70 is a program that allows you to run two or more clients Tibia. Normally you can only play for one customer. Tibia MC can not play two characters at once, if they are in the same account (Here Tibia MC will not help, because it is set 'server-side', ie server-side).
UOSU 1.40

Download - ->

UOSU (UO Screenshot Utility) is a program for taking screenshots. UO Screen is very easy to configure and use. You can define the screenshot key and the filenames. The screenshots are saved as .jpg files. This program only needs 608kb memory, so you can run it in the background. The quality is not super, but it's ok. You don't need a special program to save the file, just hit the key and you have a screenshot.

• License: Freeware Free
• OS: Windows Vista, 2003, XP, 2000, 98, Me, NT
• Requirements: 608kb of free memory

TibiaBot NG 8.70 Full Version !

Download - ->

A view of the TibiaBot NG main window.
Only a few of its many customizable features are listed.

The custom skin manager can suit the look and feel of the bot to match your style.
It comes with many unique skins to chose from.

Behold, a more in depth view, showing a few of the customizable features of TibiaBot NG.
Don't worry, it only gets this big when alot of them are displayed at once.

A look at the world map feature. The latest addition to the continuously evolving application.
It is able to track your current location anywhere you travel in the game.

ElfBot NG 8.70 Full Version !

Download - ->

On this page you will find snapshots of almost every configuration panel in ElfBot. Each snapshot will have its entries filled with the kind of values it is awaiting from you and a general description will be provided to give you an overall view of ElfBot's capabilities.

The auto-healing subpanel lets you setup how the bot will heal your character. You can set up to be healed with spells when your hp is high or low, through a UH rune, a health potion, a mana potion, how fast the bot will spam the heal to make sure it went through, and how long should it wait before starting to heal. You can also choose with which potions to restore the HP and MP of your allies, which is doable through a hotkey script.

The aimbot subpanel lets you configure how to set up the aiming system of the bot for things like comboing and choosing the best enemy. Aimbot tutorial has been written and it explains each of the options.

The proxy subpanel lets you start or lets other people connect to an ElfBot proxy server, which will heal you if your connection cuts off or lags according to the settings that you specify.

The cavebot subpanel lets you create waypoints and actions that your character will perform in your cavebot script. It also lets you define the items you'll want to loot, the alarms to alert you when botting, and other options. Every option seen here is detailed in the cavebot tutorial.

Tibia mapas até tíbia (8.70)!

Os mapas mais novos de Tíbia

A cópia faz o mapa para a pasta :
C:\Documents and Settings\NOME DE USUÁRIO\Dados aplicados\Tibia\Automap

Multi IP Changer 7.1- 8.70 !

How to install Multi Ip Changer- Instructions
Open Installer-install

2)If the available options open.

2a)Choose tibia version.

2b) Choose the port.

3) Press OK and then save.

4) Enter the IP number and press Change IP.

5) You see that IP has changed.

6) You go to Tibia window and to the "Options" -> "Network Settings", you need to come to the fore / remove "Test Server Login"

7)I normally log on to the OTS, as the main server.

Download Multi Ip Changer [7.1-8.70]

Ip tibia MULTI-changer 7.1 - 8.70 IP Changer is an application through which to connect with their choice
OTS'em. Just enter the IP number for example, found here: [url=""][/url] and enjoy
the new OTS. At various versions of IP changer is also a version
Tibia Changer with which the works.
Installation and service IP changer is as easy as:

1 .Start Tibia.

2 .Start exe file with the downloaded file. (decompress the archive first.

3 .If the available options open.

3a .Choose Tibia version.

3b . Choose the port.

5. Press OK and then save.

6. Enter the IP number and press Change IP.

7. You see that IP has changed.

8. Tibia go to the window and to the "Options" -> "Network Settings" button, you need to.
deselect / remove "Test Server Login" (It depends on the version Tibia)
9. I normally log on OTS, as the main server.
This latest version of IP changer works with versions of Tibia: [7.1] – [8.70]

Tibia 7.1
Tibia 7.2
Tibia 7.21
Tibia 7.26
Tibia 7.27
Tibia 7.3
Tibia 7.4
Tibia 7.5
Tibia 7.55
Tibia 7.6
Tibia 7.7
Tibia 7.8
Tibia 7.81
Tibia 7.92
Tibia 8.0
Tibia 8.1
Tibia 8.2
Tibia 8.21
Tibia 8.22
Tibia 8.31
Tibia 8.4
Tibia 8.5
Tibia 8.52
Tibia 8.53
Tibia 8.54
Tibia 8.55
Tibia 8.57
Tibia 8.6
Tibia 8.61
Tibia 8.70 [latest]

Download the LATEST version of Ip Changer [7.1- 8.70]



© 2010 IP Changer
Design by

Tibia IP Changer 8.7 Download, IP Changer , Asprate IP Changer 8.7 Download!

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Tibia 8.70 --> Bot NG/ Elf Bot / Auto Map / Tibia MC / Auto
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